Bathtub Models
Bathtub Models
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Bathtub Models

Bathtub Models

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All of the pre-built bathtub packages has a variety of bathtubs to choose from. All the choices are of same high quality. The Hytec brand has won my loyalty through its consistant quality control and durable built product. Each of the styles provided are slightly different. There is a style to choose from that fits every one

Hytec Wellbrook - Clean lines minimal design - surprisingly comfortable 21" tall 60x30 or 32

Hytec Langley - Modern look - Similar to Wellbrook but with slight more slope to the back rest 21" tall 60x30 or 32

Hytec Gemstar - More traditional soaker tub - built for comfort 21" tall 60x32

Maax Exhibit - Modern clean look - lower height than the rest 18" tall 60x30 or 32